MS – PhD Course Requirements

MS Course Requirements for WRES

The MS program is flexible, and students should consult with their advisors to select courses that satisfy department requirements and meet their educational objectives.

The CEE Department Requirements are:

  • 36 hours total (non-thesis option)
  • 32 hours total (thesis option—generally, 24 hours of graded course credit and 8 hours of MS thesis credit)
  • At least 12 hours of coursework at the 500 level (at least 8 hours of graded coursework in the major field, and no more than 4 hours of CEE 597 independent study)


Students enrolled in the MS CE degree program must take at least 3 of the following 4 core courses:

  • CEE434: Environmental Systems I
  • CEE450: Surface Water Hydrology
  • CEE451: Environmental Fluid Mechanics
  • CEE457: Groundwater


WRES students are also eligible to earn the MS degree in Environmental Engineering.  Students wishing to receive the MS EE degree may substitute CEE 442 (Environmental Engineering Principles – Physical) for CEE 451, and must take at least one of the following water/air quality courses:

  • CEE 440: Fate & Cleanup of Env. Pollutants
  • CEE 443: Env Eng Principles, Chemical.
  • CEE 444: Env Eng Principles, Biological.
  • CEE 445: Air Quality Modeling.
  • CEE 447: Atmospheric Chemistry


Relevant 500-level courses are listed at should consult their advisor about course selection.  Additional information is in the CEE Graduate Handbook, available on the department web site.


PhD Course Requirements for WRES

The CEE Department requires completion of a minimum of 32 additional hours of graded course work beyond the MS degree.  There are no specific requirements regarding 400 or 500 level courses, etc. Coursework should help the student fulfill their academic goals, and some coursework related to the specific research topic may include many courses outside the CEE department.  Courses should be selected in consultation with the advisor.

WRES students have the option to earn the PhD in Environmental Engineering (PhD –EE) instead of Civil Engineering (PhD -CE).  In that case, the WRES PhD Qualification Examination must include one of the 400-level air/water quality core classes listed above.  The PhD thesis committee must also include at least one faculty member in the Environmental Engineering and Science (EES) group.

Additional information about PhD requirements is in the CEE Graduate Handbook.