During the Fall and Spring semesters, seminars are held every Friday at noon (12pm) in 1017 Civil and Environmental Engineering Building (Hydrosystems Laboratory).


Fall 2023 Seminar Schedule:

Date Speaker
2023-08-25 IWRA/IAHR student chapters + welcome picnic
2023-09-01 Ashlynn Stillwell (Asociate Prof., UIUC)
2023-09-08 Steve Brown (Chief Scientist, ISGS)
2023-09-15 Lauryn Spearing (Assistant Professor, UIC)
2023-09-22 Kyle Strom (Associate Professor, Virginia Tech)
2023-09-29 John Scott (Associate Research Scientist, ISTC)
2023-10-06 Jon Czuba (Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech)
2023-10-13 Sophie Comer-Warner (Assistant Professor, University of Birmingham)
2023-10-20 Jack Hanley (Graduate Research Assistant, UIUC)
2023-10-27 Scott Socolofsky (Professor, Texas A&M)
2023-11-03 Rao Govindaraju (Civil Engineering Department Head, Purdue)
2023-11-10 Jenni Nugent (Graduate Research Assistant, UIUC)
2023-11-17 Zahra Heydari (Graduate Research Assistant, UIUC)
2023-12-01 AGU poster practice for students ** in 3019 CEEB **

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