Seeking an MS-level student for a 1-year (renewable to 2-years) research project starting in Fall 2023.  The study focuses on evapotranspiration (ET), the combination of evaporation from the surface and transpiration by plants during photosynthesis, in agricultural intensively managed landscapes.  ET is a key link between the Earth’s water and energy balance, and varies depending on meteorological drivers and landscape characteristics such as soils, vegetation, and topography.  The student will analyze high resolution satellite-based gridded ET products in midwestern watersheds along with other meteorological and landcover datasets, to quantify the impact of different aspects of landscape heterogeneity on ET fluxes.  This project will involve analyzing large spatial and temporal datasets, developing a process-based understanding of ET as it can be observed or modeled, and working with a collaborative team from UIUC and PRI.  This will be a 50% time, 11-month research assistant position.


Dr. Allison Goodwell

Visiting Research Scientist, Prairie Research Institute (PRI)