Paul Noel

Title M.S., 2015
Department Environmental Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering

Advisor(s): Ximing Cai

Country: France

Short Bio

I arrived in the HydroLab in 2012. Before that – in reverse chronological order – I spent 5 months in Cape Town (South Africa), 2.5 years in Toulouse (France), 5 years in Reunion Island (Indian Ocean), 4 years in Mayotte (Indian Ocean), 4 years in Gisors (France), and 6 years in Poznan (Poland). My main interests in life are – as you might have guessed – traveling; sports including rock climbing, running, biking and volleyball; photography; music; books; cinema and generally learning and meeting new people.

Research Interests

I am interested in coupled human and natural systems with an emphasis on water resources issues. I try to combine knowledge from water resources engineering, social sciences, economics and computer science to study these complex interacting systems. In short, the question that drives me is: can such a system be environmentally sustainable and socially fair on the long term?