Full-Time Faculty

Ximing Cai, Ph.D.

Email xmcai@nospam5950f738ac7dd.illinois.edu
Title Colonel Harry F. and Frankie M. Lovell Endowed Professor in Civil Engineering

Marcelo H. Garcia, Ph.D.

Email mhgarcia@nospam5950f738acdd2.illinois.edu
Title M.T. Geoffrey Yeh Chair in Civil Engineering; Director, Ven Te Chow Hydrosystems Laboratory

Megan Konar, Ph.D.

Email mkonar@nospam5950f738ad380.illinois.edu
Title Assistant Professor

Praveen Kumar, Ph.D.

Email kumar1@nospam5950f738ad923.illinois.edu
Title Colonel Harry F. and Frankie M. Lovell Professor

Barbara S. Minsker, Ph.D.

Email minsker@nospam5950f738adf40.illinois.edu
Title Professor, Nauman Faculty Scholar

Gary Parker, Ph.D.

Email parkerg@nospam5950f738ae541.illinois.edu
Title Professor and W. H. Johnson Professor of Geology

Joshua M. Peschel, Ph.D.

Email peschel@nospam5950f738aeae0.illinois.edu
Title Research Assistant Professor

Arthur R. Schmidt, Ph.D.

Email aschmidt@nospam5950f738af1d2.illinois.edu
Title Research Assistant Professor

Murugesu Sivapalan, Ph.D.

Email sivapala@nospam5950f738af864.illinois.edu
Title Professor

Ashlynn Stillwell, Ph.D.

Email ashlynn@nospam5950f738afed0.illinois.edu
Title Assistant Professor

Rafael Tinoco

Email tinoco@nospam5950f738b0515.illinois.edu
Title Assistant Professor

Albert J. Valocchi, Ph.D.

Email valocchi@nospam5950f738b0b6f.illinois.edu
Title Abel Bliss Professor of Engineering
Research Area Groundwater Hydraulics and Pollutant Transport

Affiliated Faculty

Jim Best, Ph.D.

Email jimbest@nospam5950f738b23f6.illinois.edu
Title Threet Professor
Department Geology
Research Area Earth surface processes and sedimentary geology

Leonardo P. Chamorro

Email lpchamo@nospam5950f738b2a4d.illinois.edu
Title Assistant Professor
Department Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering
Research Area Fluid mechanics and turbulence, wind and hydrokinetic energy, geophysical flows, complex boundary layer processes and flow-structure interaction

Francina Dominquez

Email francina@nospam5950f738b315b.illinois.edu
Title Assistant Professor
Department Atmospheric Sciences
Research Area Precipitation and hydrometeorological processes, climate modeling and climate change analysis, and climate processes and interactions

Jennifer Druhan

Email jdruhan@nospam5950f738b385a.illinois.edu
Title Assistant Professor
Department Geology
Research Area Reactive Transport, Isotope Fractionation, Numerical Methods

Kaiyu Guan

Email kaiyug@nospam5950f738b3fee.illinois.edu
Title Assistant Professor
Department Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
Research Area Ecohydrology, remote sensing, crop modeling and forecasting

Yu-Feng Lin

Email yflin@nospam5950f738b462e.illinois.edu
Title Clinical Professor
Department Illinois State Geological Survey
Research Area Hydrogeology, water resources, geothermal exchange, energy and numerical modeling