Full-time Faculty

» Ximing Cai, Ph.D.

Education: Texas
Research Interests: River basin planning and management, drought management, international water resources development, integrated water resources - economic modeling, geographic information system and spatial statistics, large-scale system optimization.

» Marcelo H. García, Ph.D.

Chester and Helen Siess Professor
Education: Minnesota
Research Interests: Environmental hydraulics; sediment transport; river mechanics, density currents, turbulent boundary-layer flows, moveable-bed modeling.

» Megan Konar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Education: Princeton
Research Interests: Freshwater resources, food production, water for food, crop water use efficiency, food and virtual water trade, socio-hydrology, complex network analysis, econometrics.

» Praveen Kumar, Ph.D.

Education: Minnesota
Research Interests: Large scale hydrologic processes, hydrometeorology and hydroclimatology, multiscale variability of surface hydrologic processes, wavelet transform applications for multiscale studies, subgrid scale parameterization of rainfall.

» Barbara S. Minsker

Professor, Nauman Faculty Scholar
Education: Cornell University
Research Interests: Environmental systems analysis; investigating improved methods for modeling complex environmental systems so that informed management-level decisions can be made under conditions of uncertainty, using machine learning approaches such as genetic algorithms, decision trees, support vector machines, and artificial neural networks; current applications include stormwater management, green infrastructure, drought and flood management, and adaptive observation.

» Gary Parker, Ph.D.

Education: Minnesota
Research Interests: River mechanics and morphology; river engineering; mechanics of two phase solid fluid flow; turbidity currents; oceanic sedimentation; submarine debris flows.

» Joshua M. Peschel, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor
Education: Texas A&M
Research Interests: Vadose zone hydrology; thermal transport in soils; imaging in porous media; distributed environmental sensing; field robotics.

» Arthur R. Schmidt, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor
Education: Illinois
Research Interests: Hydrometry; open channel hydraulics; urban hydrology; risk and reliability analysis for water-resources and environmental engineering.

» Murugesu Sivapalan, Ph.D.

Education: Princeton
Research Interests: Predictions in ungauged catchments; understanding and interpreting variabilities of runoff processes and underlying climate-soil-vegetation-topography controls; investigating interactions between runoff processes, and chemical and biological processes.

» Ashlynn Stillwell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Education: Texas
Research Interests: Systems analysis of the energy-water nexus; modeling of large-scale interrelated water systems; engineering decision support tools; geographic information systems multicriteria decision analysis; water resources policy and economics.

» Albert J. Valocchi, Ph.D.

Education: Stanford
Research Interests: Groundwater hydrology; groundwater contamination; mathematical modeling; reactive transport model applications to remediation; geological sequestration of carbon dioxide.

Affiliated Faculty

» Jim Best, Ph.D.

Threet Professor
Education: Birkbeck COllege, University of London
Research Interests: Mechanics of sediment transport, the investigation of modern sedimentary environments and the interpretation of ancient alluvium, with close links to industry in understanding the controls on subsurface sedimentary architecture.

» Sue Kieffer

Education: California Institute of Technology
Research Interests: Geological physics, nonlinear processes and nonlinear data analysis, stability and sustainability. Geological physics interests include: planetary sciences; geological fluid dynamics-including geothermal, epithermal, and volcanic environments; solid-state geophysics and mineral thermodynamics; shock wave physics; river hydraulics and river environments; theoretical modeling of processes with supercomputers.

» Yu-Feng Lin

Hydrogeologist, Illinois State Water Survey
Education: University of Wisconsin--Madison
Research Interests: Hydrological cycle interactions and sustainability; Environmental impact associated with geologic carbon (CO2) sequestration (GCS); Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications in natural resource management; Tradeoffs between economic welfare and water resource sustainability; 3D visualization application in hydrogeology; Nanotechnology applications in hydrology field measurement; Antibiotic resistance genes transport in groundwater

» Bruce Rhoads

Professor and Head of Geography Department
Education: Arizona State University
Research Interests: Primarily fluvial dynamics of streams in the Midwest. Research interests include: 1) the fluvial dynamics of stream confluences and river meanders, 2) stream naturalization and restoration, 3) the connection between geomorphological conditions and physical habitat for fish communities, 4) human impacts on river systems, and 5) philosophical and conceptual issues in geomorphology and physical geography.

Emeritus Faculty

» H.G. Wenzel, Jr., Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
Education: Carnegie-Mellon
Research Interests: Urban hydrology; open channel hydraulics; hydraulic and hydrologic simulation.

» W.H.C. Maxwell, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
Education: Minnesota
Research Interests: Diffusion of momentum, heat, and mass; two phase flows, secondary currents in rivers; shallow flows in rivers; interactions with moveable beds.